Tri-Power Chrome Air Cleaners Complete With High Flow Air Filters- REDUCED PRICE

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Kit includes everything you need for the set...... show quality chrome lids, bases in satin black, studs, wing nuts, three air cleaner gaskets, and three high flow air filters. these cloth based filter, washable, and advertized to increase air flow.They resemble the popular K & Ns. The screen on the outside is very much like the screen on the new paper filters available through GM dealers. Cloth is pink perfect replacement for the paper filter element. This kit includes everything you need, read the fine print with other kits they do not include the wing nuts, carb studs, or air cleaner gaskets. These high flow air filters are also sold seperately on page. We have a reduced price on this complete air cleaner set with these High Flow air filters until our stock is depleted on the filters. We have a new style K&N filter on the page that is replacing these filters.