D-Port Ram Air Style Factory Headers 64-67 GTO (Plus other applications). Additional Shipping Charges will Apply

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Pair of LH and RH ram air D-port exhaust manifolds LH: 977646 RH: 977642. Castings are much higher quality than what you receive from the catalog suppliers, you know who they are. Castings have correct port detail, ports are cnc'd and interior of castings are detailed ready to run. Flange configuration is crisp and correct. Castings from catalog suppliers have poor detail, they also cast with 2 part numbers and grind off extra number depending on application. Competitors have terrible port detail and weigh 30% more. Lifetime Guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Collector opening is 2.20", If you are going with 2.00" or 2.25" exhaust pipe size use our PFL-1 - 3 bolt flange (2 required). If you are going with 2.50" exhaust pipe size then use our PFL-OS-1- 3 bolt flange (2-required). You will also need the installation kit PH-1 for the 2.00" or 2.25" pipe size and the PH-1-2.5" for the 2-1/2" exhaust pipes. Exhaust maifold gaskets are also sold on the page, these are the D-Port gaskets @ $29.00 set.

Optional Cermaic coating as shown in the photo's is avaiable. Both castings are port-matched to Pontiac blueprint then thermal barrier coating is applied and cured on interior and exterior. Choice of Silver or Gray. 3-year Guarantee. Will not burn off, fade or peel. Reduces header temperture 40%. Silver is chrome like. Gray looks stock.

  • These are MADE IN USA. The majortiy of the manifolds on the market are made in China.