Holley Fuel Regulator Complete Installation Kit - Photos shown of customer installation.

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I have tried to keep the cost down on this kit. I seem to get never ending price increases from my suppliers every time new stock comes in.

I get many calls from customers indicating that they are having persistent problems with fuel leakage. Sometimes they see fuel coming from the ends of the throttle shafts. Other times, fuel is pumping right out of the top, or tops of the carburetors. Once they eliminate problems related to the needle/ seats and the floats, excessive fuel pressure is the likely culprit.

Most customers insist that the fuel pressure can't be too high. " I have a mechanical pump." They follow up by reminding me that these cars never had regulators when they were new. Right, but that was nearly 50 years ago. Quality control was much better, the parts were made in the USA, and they were likely matched to your specific car and carburetor system.

Now these pumps are often made in China or Mexico. One size fits all Pontiacs. The relief valve is not calibrated to your application. Poor quality control...you name it. I recently had a customer with a cheap pump from a chain Auto Parts Store putting out 8#. These carbs can only handle 3-4#. I have put together a quality kit that includes a Holley 1-4# regulator, a fuel pressure gauge, and all the parts you will need to install them, including fittings, clamps and even fuel line. You will often find the 1-4# regulator is a non-stock item. Save yourself trips to the Auto Parts Store, or multiple on-line orders. Regulator also available separately on this page.

11- photos attached of customers various locations for installation of regulator and gauge. Several folks have fabricated custom brackets.