Let's Communicate More Effectively

In order to communicate effectivly, we need to speak the same language.  It is hard to communicate with terms like "the thing that goes up and down that looks like a nail," or "the part with two fingers and three holes."  I actually hear this sort of description often.  This description was actually pulled from a recent e-mail....."Those Vacuum control thingamigige things"

There are three main parts to the tripower carbs.  The "top" is known as the airhorn.  The "center section" is the floatbowl.  The "bottom" is not the baseplate; it is the throttlebody.  If you deal with fuel injection, you know the term "throttlebody."  It is much more descriptive.

These are pictures of actual tripower carbs,  For your information, the two throtlebodies in the last illustration are from a 64 to 66 end carburetors. The left throttlebody in the photo is for the front and the right photo  for the rear. Note the DAG-213 sealer around the bore and on the throttleblades to prevent any vacuum leaks. 

The airhorn in the illustraton below should resemble your tripower end carb. The end carbs have no power piston, choke parts (of course,) or power valve.

The end carb throttlebodies will have no idle circuits..so no idle mixture needles or idle compensation channel (see pics below.)


In the illustrations to follow, the first is the airhorn, second the float bowl and last the throttlebody. In the last photo the throttlebody on the left is for the front carb. the one on the right if for the rear carb. School is in session.  Use these terms when you call or e-mail me and you get an "A."  And, I will appreciate it.