TRIPOWER MANIFOLDS 1957,1958,1959,1960,1961,1962, and 1963

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These photos only represent 1-year, 1960 as shown. Other year photos are available upon request. What we are offering here is the opportunity to own, at a fantastic price, a Tripower manifold for your classic Pontiac. These manifolds are not reproduced. We have had the opportunity to obtain these manifolds which range between the years of 1957-1963. These are being offered at a very low cost.

At this low price the manifolds have not been bead blasted, meaning they retain their original patina. We offer the service of bead blasting for an additional charge of $50.00. This would bring the manifold down to bare metal, then we spray a gray die-cast paint to protect the metal. There are many shades of Pontiac paint and have found it best for you or your restoration shop to paint the manifolds to match your engine paint.

  • Listing of manifolds and casting codes:
  • 1957 Casting code- none
  • 1958 Casting code- none
  • 1959 Casting code- 532422
  • 1960 Casting code- 536194- Early
  • 1960 Casting code- 535552- Late
  • 1961 Casting code- 538202
  • 1962 Casting code- 541690
  • 1963 Casting code- 9770275
  • 1964 Casting code9775088,1965 Casting code- 9778818, 1966 Casting code- 9782898. These years not available at this price, inquire if needed.

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