1959 -1965 Rebuild Kits (3)

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Top Quality, better than you can buy elsewhere. I buy best parts in bulk and put together myself. Best accel pumps, Ethanol Resistant. I include new springs for under the accelerator pumps, and gaskets carb to air cleaner almost never in kits. Includes all check balls and clips. Don't let price fool you; these are the best out there. Includes  needle / seat,  Three kits for three carbs. I am now including three new screws to attach the Bakelite cover to the choke cup, as well as three plated "tabs" to hold on the cover. For a nice finishing touch, check out a new item I have added to the cart; a set of new, blackened screws and washers for the air horns. They are not included with the carb kits, but can be purchased as an option with the kit at a savings or separately in the cart.