1959-1966 End Carb Throttlebodies- Please read the full descripition prior to ordering - Also the service we offer for your throttlebodies.

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I would only suggest purchasing these throttle bodies if your originals are un-restorable.  Bases are fitted with new shafts, throttle blades and have the levers attached on both the passenger and drivers side. Also have the small center 59-65 and the large 66 center throttle bodies on the page. Comes with the necessary gaskets. If you have your original bases it is best to stay with those, we find that most customers do not need new throttle bodies on the ends. We charge $130.00 a pair (both end throttle bodies) to restore. This service includes pulling yours apart, inspecting shaft for wear, glass beading all parts, paint throttle body, re-assemble, seal blades, install new torsion springs. If your passenger side levers are not damaged, will replace them with re-plated original .  Price includes shipping back if you are in USA. E-mail for details. Usually a quick turn-around ....just a few days.