Carb airhorn front or rear 1959-1966. Also includes (1) composite float with every airhorn.

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This airhorn is an excellent reproduction. It fits the large Rochester end carbs from 1959 to 1966, including Olds L-69 tripowers, and Cadillac 1959 and 1960. You cannot tell this airhorn from the orginal. It fits well, and all the attaching screws line up perfectly. At this time, there is only one manufacturer for this item. There has been one issue with these airhorns ever since they were first reproduced. The holes for the float pin have been in the wrong location, making it very diffcult to set the float. What we have found out by trail and error is that the Black composite float that we sell in the shopping cart for $12.95 works great. Very easy to set the float. We include one composite float with each airhorn purchased. We also remove the existing accelerator pump lever/shaft/pump bracket, as they do not always move freely. It is best to use your original lever and shaft if you have. If you do not have your original pump lever assembly we do sell the complete assembly in the shopping cart for $21.00. I explain all this to justify the cost of this item, should you compare our price to other parts suppliers. Ours are better,we aim to please! If you are considering a new airhorn, because the fuel inlet threads are worn out, know that we offer a service to replace these threads. We can also straighten the webbing that holds the air cleaners, which are often distorted, due to over tighting of the air cleaner wingnut.