1/4' Phenolic insulators 1966

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I have been getting e-mails, 2-3 a week, with concerns that carbs are leaking after the motor is shut down. Sometimes the fuel drips into the manifold, resulting in hard starting. Or, if the car sits, it can be hard to start as the floatbowls are empty. Here is what is happening...Today's Ethanol laced fuel boils at 20 or more degrees lower than straight gasoline. After car is shut off, heat from the motor is absorbed into the carburator...a heat sink. Phenolic has a "high coefficient of heat transfer," and is often used in applications as this one to insulate a hot surface from an ajoining piece. This is not a new idea, but I have had these insulators made, with correct studs, in a kit, to fir your tripwoer and look nice. This item, I contracted for and had made. At this point, this style is not available elsewhere. Check out what comes in the kit... *3 insulators,1/4' thick, cut to fit the exact shape of your throttlebodies. This way, you can paint them to match your throttlebody, and they are difficult to detect. Made on CNC for precision cuts. *6 gaskets *12 studs made to exact specs for this application. I had these made as I could not find the exact length to make them look "right." * New, extended choke rod from stove to the carburetor. Made so your choke will continue to function without further mods. You can see the new rod in the picture. Note...even though they are not in the picture, the new studs and plated nuts are included.

  • Note- "The photo of this tripower is a 1964". The insulators are under the throttle bases of each of these three carburetors, You can paint the insulators to match the color of the throttle base. If you paint to match your base the average person would not even know they are there.