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We have created a very nice 1966 center carb airhorn. We are offering this in two versions this version as shown here with the choke shaft, choke plate, choke pull-off, short pull-off rod, and stainless steel vent strip with the rubber seal. Or a bare version that is listed in the shopping cart under 1966 @ $124.00. As you can see from the photos, this modified airhorn is an exact copy of the correct and hard to find 1966 center. It has all the characteristics ...the vent tube for the float bowl, the vent hole for the stainless steel vent strip,,,( not added with two screws like some do), and accommodiations for the choke pull-off. With air cleaner on ...there is no way to detect that this is not an original. We start with an excellent used early Pontiac airhorn and have machined (and installed), an aluminum insert, same dimensions as factory, to attach the choke pull-off. The insert being aluminum will not accept chromate coloring, the insert should be painted to match your airhorn color.

  • I see three uses for this airhorn
  • One...If you have,or are building a "clone" center carb, using an earlier Pontiac 2 bbl with no provisions for choke pull-off.
  • Two...if you are using a 1970. or newer Pontiac 2 bbl with the "taller" airhorn, that does not resemble the real center carb.
  • Three...If you have a damaged 1966 airhorn that needs to be replaced

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