1964 Tripower Linkage Kit Rod and Plunger Style

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This is the 1-year only rod and plunger linkage kit that was released in 1964 to replace vacumn linkage for customers who complained about poor operation of the factory vacumn setup. If you are looking for an alternative to the slidbar linkage kit located on this page this is it. Mike Wasson just finished installing this linkage kit on this tripower and fits nicely. Includes center linkage arm, linkage arm for rear carbs,rod & plunger, all bolts, and parts needed. Includes new set of torsion springs for end carbs. Kit even has yellow return spring. With this kit you have to be sure the rod and plunger are installed correctly, if reveresed there is a safety problem where the rod could come out of the plunger and jam the end carbs open. Kit does not include the long rod on the passenger side that runs from rear carb to front carb. This is the same part for vacumn linkage car, so many already have this piece. If needed, it is also in shopping cart.