1959-1966 End Carb Throttleshaft

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We have determined that the throttleshaft slot is to narrow to accept the original factory throttleblades without having the slot machined wider. This means we send out the shaft to a local machine shop. This raises the cost of the throttleshaft to you from $30.00 to $38.00. Excellent fit, brass, with holes drilled and tapped in each end to accept your used or new levers. Worn shafts lead to vacuum leaks and poor idle quality. Come with new screws to attach the blades and the screws on both ends. Pictures show shaft with new throttleblades for display only. This item is only the shaft. Throttleblades sold separately. As with all my parts, guaranteed to please.

If you are going to purchase the throttleblades that I have available in the shopping cart and also need the throttleshaft using those throttleblades let me know when you place your order for the shaft in the comment section of your order. I have throttleshafts available that have not been machined for $30.00 that are for those blades. I will issue you a credit of $8.00 per shaft.