1964 Tripower Linkage kit- Includes all parts required in kit.

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Our kits provide all the required parts you need in the kit, including the rear carb pump rod. These are all the parts you need to convert from Vacuum to mechanical linkage. Includes slide bar, J shaped bracket to attach to center carb, slide bar to rear carb, rear lever for rear carb, all bolts, and parts needed. Includes new set of torsion springs for end carbs. Specify GTO or Full Sized Pontiac when you add item to cart. There is a difference in the kits. Full sized car would use a ball stud in place of the cable stud. Kit does not include the long rod on passenger side that runs from rear carb to front carb. This is the same part for a vacuum linkage car, so many already have this piece. If needed, it is also in the shopping cart.