1966 Center Choke Conversion kit

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Everything you need to convert many regular Pontiac 2 bbls from 1959 to 1967 to accept the choke pull-off. If your airhorn (top) does not have the casting flange to mount the choke pull-off (two screws #8) then this is what you need. Slick deal. Not for correct restoration, but not very noticable, either. Requires some mods I can describe. Just need a drill. E-mail me for details. Look at the installation in the picture. This is a 59 to 67 regular 2 bbl airhorn. It has the SS vent strip and the floatbowl vent, as does the correct 66 airhorn. So, this carb looks very much like the correct 66 center carb. This carb is colored with Eastwood, done correctly. I built this carb for a customer who needed a clone 66 center carb.