57-58 End Carb Throttleblades

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This also fits all small base Rochester end carbs, including J-2 Olds, 348s, and early Caddys. Excellent quality. A friend of mine and I had these manufactured here is the USA. This is a precision fit item. Although this is an exact copy of the original, installation in a used throttlebody does not guarantee a perfect result. I include a small qantity of DAG213 which will be required to seal these perfectly. It looks like black paint and is applied to the edges of the throttleblades after installation. Screws included. You need to glass bead all surfaces prior to assembly. If you do not have the equipment available to glass bead the parts, you have another option. I can restore your throttlebodies for you. Usually, I find customers do not need new throttleblades when I inspect them. When I restore a pair of end throttlebodies, I charge 130.00 a pair (both end throttlebodies.) This service includes pulling yours apart, inspecting shaft for wear, glass beading all parts, paint throttlebody, re-assemble, seal blades, install new torsion springs. If your passenger side levers are not damaged, I will replace them with replated originals. Price includes shipping back if you are in USA. E-mail me for details. Usually I have a quick turn-around...just a few days.