Nylon Vent Hose Connector with OEM Markings

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This is claimed to be the correct vent hose connector for the 66 Tripower. The connector has the OEM markings and part # 9784831. The quality is excellent. There are a pair of 3'8" posts pressed into the intake between the center and rear carbs. Hoses attach to the nylon connector. The connector points to the passenger side. Another 3/8" hose runs to the PCV valve in the valley pan. I also have two other connectors in the shopping cart that are shaped as an F-fitting that have been used on the 66 intake. The lighter gauge F-fitting is $19.00 and the Heavy Duty F-fitting is $26.00 that is of excellent quality. Also have a kit on the page to replace the rubber hose going to the the intake and PCV valve from the vent hose connector.